Community chain and community trust

OFBANK is shorted for community chain, the social collaboration form is changing from the traditional centralized corporation to the partnership associate and decentralized community form along with the popularization of the mobile internet, social networking and IOT, especially in the domain of the blocks chain field. In the community organization, how to create the trust became very important .The base of the trust lays on the consensus. 2. The foundation of the community survival is a better incentive mechanism.

Smart contract auto-deploy

The business in real life can be classified or the similar models can be constructed, smart contract can also construct the classified models. In the traditional smart contract assets releasing process, it is very difficult for the smart contract deploy, any user could establish the smart contract to release the digital assets and to collect the fund, but there will be high technology barrier when practical development. We do expect the efficient running of the social assets, then the professional technology packing is required to help the users to deploy smart contract, it also will be safer, efficient and much convenient through socialized collection and optimized smart contract plans.
OFBANK will continue to be optimized, more developers and users will have access to the block chain field.

Ownership interconnected

It is very difficult to have the ownership of the users interconnected in the traditional transaction, the social waste caused by this also be the huge loss for the vendors and users. OFBANK is an open settlement platform, the amount balance, consumption account, member benefits of various membership cards, or the credits of the hotel, shopping malls, supermarkets, e-stores, BBS, airlines, credit cards and the APP credits could be settled with OFCOIN directly. More importantly, the original account can be verified by OFBANK, so the users are not required to verify the identity from the offline stores, it is also not necessary to re-verify the identity from the third party, to submit the account inquiry permission, the third party could remote verify the account and to have the settlement done.

Distributed account system

Real-name system and privacy protection co-exist by technology in OFBANK, the identity information of the users be strict verified and recorded for traceability, and then these account information will be stored in different nodes in blocks, useful information can not be acquired if only attack few single nodes, so it is very difficult to disclose the privacy of the users, in this way to solve the disadvantages of the attach and drag of the account system.

Cell phone mining

OFBANK adapts the innovative consensus algorithm to support the mining. Save the energy, every cell phone users can receive the benefit by the contributions made to the system.

Games and gaming social

The output of the virtual world activities can be applied as the distributed measurement of the cryptography virtual currency, compared with the pure electricity comsuption and POW, OFBANK is to make this distributed measurement much interested and socialized by adapting to the games. The efforts and performance of the users in the game will be measured and priced, and the output from the game could be exchanged with OFCOIN.

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Dahong Liu

Founder, senior successful internet entrepreneur, acquired “Innovation Award” and “Award of Popularity” in the First Block Chain Innovation and Application Contest. Leader of the 2nd generation ID card recognition algorithm,national patent owner of the distributed store. Graduated from Northeastern University Computer major.

Aimin Yi

Co-founder, bachelor’s degree of Mathematics in Peking University, master’s degree of computer engineering, he started to research underlying technology and consensus algorithms, co-founder of the famous block chain company PDX. He has been worked as senior management leader of 8848CTO, Asiainfo, abundant management operation experience of the large technical team and architecture projects.


Water, partner. A specialist of Ethereum Development, majored in Digital Information Processing at University of York. Been working as the core Algorithm Engineer and SysAdmin in IBM, Weibo, CMCC and other teams; founder & CTO of one Entertainment BigData company, which offers prediction of movie box-office revenue and analysic advices.

Weiyang Li

Chief scientist, partner, block chain architect, expert of distributed account and private key security management. Master degree of Information Security in Peking University. His research direction is operation system security and trusted computing, found the second convert channel “Kernel-selection channel” based on CPU kernel. As the inventor, the national invention patent be acquired for Peking University.

Professor Fangfang Tang

Professor of Economics, Finance and Marketing in National School of Development at Peking University, Doctor of Economic in University of Bonn. He received Heinz Sauermann Award of Experimental and Economics Management Society.

Professor Weixin Lao

Partner of DL Capitals, professor in IT Engineering Department of Chinese University of HK, visiting professor of Industrial Technology Research School of Peking University, league president of IBEC.

Dr. Jun Zou

Expert of Zhongguancun Block Chain Industrial Alliance, doctor of Service Contract, he focus on the technology and application of block chain. The relative papers about block chain awarded as 2016 IEEE ICWS Best Doctoral Papers.

Mr. Yan Meng

Expert of Zhongguancun Block Chain Alliance; Current CSDN vice-president, responsible for CSDN contents and block chain business;Judge of 2017 China Block Chain Technology Innovation Application Contest; He used to be responsible for the landing and promotion of IBM block chain technology in China.
Early Investors

Dongliang Gao

President and CEO of DragonMind Capital Group Co. Its business areas include the incubation and investment of digital assets, and Supply Chain Finance and investments in relating industries.

Richard Wang

Partner of DFJ Dragon Fund,Partner of Draper Dragon Fund, Master degree of Telecommunications Engineering in NCTU. PhD Candidate.

Dianfu Datou

Vice-director of Metaverse shared chain products, co-founder of Bitsclub, namer of Ripple corn, lecture guest of block chain and encryption currency club in Fudan University, LBTC China community leader, he has been successfully invested NEM, Metaverse, IOTA,Qtum, Tezos and other block chain projects.

Feifei Xiao

Feifei Xiao, previous COO of btc38, previous co-founder of 31CO , individual commentator of block chain industry.

Siyuan Su

Partner of Goopal, senior expert of block chain.

Hanqing Li

Noted investor, take in charge of 5 billion M&A fund.

Xiaoxiao Sun

Founder of Paihash, used to be in charge of 6% of total global algorithm, listed top 7 mining pool worldwide.

Guangming Jiao

Project leader of Top Chess puzzle gaming alliance, Secretary general of China Mobile Internet Live Broadcast Agent Alliance, Global Decentralized Gaming Community--Founder of TopChain.

Defu Li

Founder of, senior media personnel, investor of block chain.

Caigen Chen

Partner of Weiyou Capital, Senior block chain investor.

Sheng Wu

Founder of Context Lab, XSPECIES initiator,executive secretary general of China E-commerce commission. Founder of the well-known community logical thinking, community theory expert, successful entrepreneur and investor.

Qi Fei

Vice-president of Huayi Brothers Media Corporation, Joint general manger of Huayi Brothers,investor of stars community economics.
Investment Agency




Top Foundation



Block VC


More than 30 developers in our team, all of them are specialized in the block chain technology and information security architecture. They are from Peking University, Qinghua University, Carnegie Mellon University, Fudan University, Harbin Institue of Technology, Academy of Art University,San Jose State University and world renowned universities, team members had working experience in Google, Tencent, Baidu, IBM, AMD, Weibo and other renowned companies and organizations. The value philosophy of our team is “Altruism, diligent”, we are committed to make our own contributions to the prosperous and stable digital world.